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Healthy Options Made Accessible

Fitness Express Vending, LLC provides healthy snack and beverage vending machine choices for people on the go. Whether you’re a young and active athlete, a carpool mom/dad, a middle-aged working adult, or a silver sneaker, we have the right snack and drink options for you.

Our Machines

Our machines are a cut above the rest. Our machines feature:

  • A User-Friendly Interface
  • A Durable and Clean Design

  • A Large Capacity Storage

  • Accepts Credit Cards

Our machines are designed to have little to no downtime, but if you ever encounter a problem, it will be resolved—as we say in the military—ASAP! Our goal is to help businesses all over Northern Virginia provide healthier options to everyone in their establishments.


Our machine is the best addition to any business/establishment. It contains delicious snacks and beverages that are budget and diet friendly!

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